1. Notification Quick Toolbar
  2. Notification Actions
  3. Notification Columns

Notifications enable you to manage communication that takes place as a result of a form submission. This allows you to automatically send an email to the user immediately after he submits a form, as well as send an email notification to an administrator with the contents of the form entry. For more information on Notifications visit the Notification page.

Gravity Forms Notifications

Notification Quick Toolbar

Each notification item has an notification toolbar that displays when you hover over the first cell of an confirmation row. This quick toolbar will allow you to edit the confirmation, duplicate the confirmation, delete the confirmation, or even set the confirmation to "active" or "inactive".

Notification Actions

The following notification actions are available per entry in the Confirmation Quick Toolbar. The active and inactive switch is available to the left of each confirmation item.

  • Edit
    Edit allows to make any modifications to your confirmations.

  • Duplicate
    Duplicate will make a copy of that entire confirmation.

  • Active/Inactive
    Active sets the current confirmation to use. Inactive means the confirmation is there but it is not currently in use.

  • Delete
    Deleting a confirmation permanently removes the confirmation, and cannot be undone.

Notification Columns

  • Name
    This is the name of your notification

  • Subject
    This is the subject of your notification