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  1. Gravity Forms v1.7 Spotlight: Confirmations

    Like the notifications, the confirmations saw a similar update for Gravity Forms 1.7. You can now have any number of confirmations, instead of just a single one per form. This will mean that you can, based on user selection, show different messages, redirect users to different pages, or send different query strings, increasing the flexibility of this system by a great deal.
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  2. Gravity Forms v1.7 Spotlight: Notifications

    One of the two biggest changes in Gravity Forms 1.7 is the new notifications system. Notifications were traditionally set-up to only allow a single message to administrators and a single message to users. Now, you can set-up as many notification messages as you would like.
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  3. March Gravity Forms Add-On Updates

    It's Add-On update release day here at Rocketgenius and along with major updates to several of our popular Add-Ons, we also have a few minor updates that contain fewer changes and did not warrant an entire blog post for each of them. We have released upates to the Picatcha Add-On, FreshBooks Add-On and the Signature Add-On and you can find details below.
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  4. Gravity Forms PayPal Pro Add-On v1.0 Released

    The Gravity Forms PayPal Pro Add-On has exited beta and is officially available as a v1.0 release. It's been a long, frustrating trip for us to release this Add-On due to the fact PayPal has shuffled around their product offerings and what they are currently offering is PayPal Payments Pro is not the same thing as what they previously offered as PayPal Pro.
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  5. Gravity Forms MailChimp Add-On v2.0 Released

    Gravity Forms MailChimp Add-On v2.0 has been released via automatic update. This release introduces new hooks and developer functionality as well as resolving some minor bugs.

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  6. Gravity Forms Campaign Monitor Add-On v2.1 Released

    Gravity Forms Campaign Monitor Add-On v2.1 has been released via automatic update. This is a maintenance release that resolves issues related to SSL and AJAX as well as several other minor issues.

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  7. WordPress Version Requirements for Support

    As we continue to work hard to support the new features and updates in WordPress, we sometimes have to leave older versions behind, and so after reading Joost de Valk's great post entitled Why we don't support old WordPress versions, we decided it was time to make our policy clear relating to WordPress version support.
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  8. Gravity Forms AWeber Add-On v1.4 Released

    Gravity Forms v1.4 is now available via automatic update. This releases brings the AWeber Add-On in line with other Add-Ons by providing the capability to integrate with the PayPal Add-On so that a subscriber is added only after a payment is received.
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  9. Gravity Forms v1.7 Developer Notes

    Gravity Forms v1.7 introduces powerful new changes to the Form Settings, Notifications and Confirmations.

    All these fantastic changes come with some possible challenges to developers that have implemented hooks to extend or customize Gravity Forms default behavior related to these features. We have put a lot of thought into making this version as backwards compatible as possible, but with all the different hooks involved we cannot guarantee that you will not need to make some adjustments to your code.
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  10. Gravity Forms v1.7 Beta 1 Released

    Gravity Forms v1.7 Beta 1 is now available for download. We are extremely excited about this release as it introduces extensive changes to the Gravity Forms admin tools and sets up limitless possibilities for the future.

    We have completely re-written the Form Settings functionality so that it has its own dedicated area and is not contained within the Form Editor. This change has given us the flexibility to expand and enhance not only Form Settings capabilities, but also introduce significant enhancements to the Confirmation and Notifications.

    Please Note: This is a beta release and as such you should use at your own risk. We are still actively working on UI enhancements and refinements for the final public release. Developers should read the note at the bottom of this post regarding impact to existing customizations that Gravity Forms v1.7 may introduce.

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