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  1. Building Apps With Gravity Forms

    Gravity Forms Approval Workflow Tutorial

    WordPress developers have long known that Gravity Forms is a powerful tool that can be used to build complex applications and workflows, but sometimes good examples can help spur great ideas.

    With that in mind Steven Henty, one of our brilliant Gravity Forms developers, has published a great tutorial on leveraging the Gravity Forms API to create a custom approval workflow.

    This is the second indepth tutorial that Steven has written on building applications with Gravity Forms. His first was an introductory tutorial to using Gravity Forms as a platform.

    If you have any interest in building applications with Gravity Forms or are just curious as to more advanced usage, we definitely encourage you to check out both of these great tutorials!

  2. Can’t Update Gravity Forms? Can’t Install Add-Ons? Your IP May Be Blacklisted

    We have seen a rise in the number of people reporting issues automatically updating Gravity Forms, downloading or updating Gravity Forms add-ons from within their WordPress Dashboard. Upon investigation, we have discovered that the issue is typically due to a shared IP address being blacklisted by one of a number of Internet security firms.

    This is a common problem with shared web hosts. Unlike most VPS and dedicated solutions, shared web hosts will share an IP address across multiple customers. If one customer does something malicious (intentionally or unintentionally) he can get that IP address blacklisted by one or more internet security providers. In other words, one user of a shared IP address can easily ruin things for all users of that shared IP address.

    To be clear, this can also happen on VPS and dedicated solutions. You can accidentally get your IP address blacklisted, or the previous user of that IP address may have gotten it blacklisted. But it is much more common with shared web hosts that use shared IP addresses.

    This is an issue that web hosts should not ignore. If they are providing customers with blacklisted IP addresses, it's like providing a user with a stolen social security number or identity. It will only lead to problems for all customers using that IP address. If you encounter the issue discussed in this blog post and are able to verify that your IP address is blacklisted, contact your web host. If they show no interest in assisting you in resolving the issue, I would suggest you find a new web host.

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  3. CSS Ready Classes for Gravity Forms

    In Gravity Forms 1.5 we're adding some new "Ready Classes". Using these new classes, you can easily create more advanced alternative layouts for the fields in your forms.

    Essentially, Ready Classes are class names that you can add to the parent element surrounding each field to take advantage of pre-defined styles included in the default form stylesheet.
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  4. Gravity Forms CSS Visual Guide

    View Guide (HTML Version) | Download Guide (png)

    We've put together a simple visual guide to help illustrate the structure of a form and the CSS class relationship.
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  5. Creating a Modal Form with Gravity Forms and FancyBox

    Modal Gravity Form

    There have been a few questions on how to create a Gravity Form in a modal window. For this example, we're going to use the jQuery script "FancyBox" to create the modal form.

    Basically, what you're going to do is to create a form, embed it in a simple page and then link to it from the page you want to include the modal form. Pretty simple right?
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  6. Clearing Default Field Values with jQuery

    A few people have asked about automatically clearing the default field values on focus. While that's not a feature in the current version of Gravity Forms, It's easy enough to accomplish with a little bit of jQuery goodness. This script will remove any default value from input fields and textareas on focus, and if you haven't changed it, will restore it on blur.
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