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Connecting options field with product field.

  1. stevelack

    I am creating a restaurant ordering form. In my test form I have created two sandwich items, each with a choice of sides. After the first item I added an options field to add a choice of Sides to the sandwich. Then I added an additional product field and after that added another options field to add sides to that sandwich. When the email is sent everything appears but all sides (options) are attached to the first product. What do I need to do to connect the Options field with a specific Product Field? (see gf1.png below)

    Also, how to I get the items to only appear in an email if they are selected? When I create a custom notification using the fields from the form every field appears regardless of whether or not there is an item selected in that field. Ideally I would be able to add the Special Requests (Text Box) field and the Sides (Options) Field to the form as it currently appears but I haven't been able to make that happen. (See gf2.png below).

    Here's a link to the current test form:
    Any suggestions or links to relevant documentation would be appreciated.



    Posted 5 years ago on Monday September 26, 2011 | Permalink
  2. You need to edit the Option Fields and if you have multiple Product Fields on your form, one of the available settings on the Option Field will be to select which Product Field it is associated with. See this screenshot:

    I'm not sure what gf2.png has to do with the special requests text box. Product fields are displayed grouped together in a table. They aren't intermixed with other fields.

    If you use the {all_fields} merge tag that will output all the fields that were filled in. It will not return fields with no value.

    Posted 5 years ago on Tuesday September 27, 2011 | Permalink


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