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Creating Post, Editing Post w/GF

  1. Greetings GravityForm-ers,

    I'm trying to create a Directory. I've tried using the 3rd Party Directory Add on and though it looked like exactly what I wanted, it did not behave the way it seems like it should. Some of the settings didn't stick, etc.
    And I'm not getting any response when I offer paid support/consult from the developer.

    So, I'm wondering if I can code my own.
    Basically, I fully grasp the whole Wordpress custom post type, calling and displaying posts the way I'd like.
    So, if I can use Gravity Forms to create and EDIT posts, I'm golden.
    I know GF can create posts. But how do I make it so that a SUBSCRIBER can edit the post he or she created – AND edit it using the look of the original form, not the WP admin area.
    Make sense?
    Any suggestions, input, guidance, directions to applicable documentation is greatly appreciated.

    Posted 4 years ago on Thursday February 9, 2012 | Permalink
  2. You could certainly create this functionality as your own customization or Add-On if that is what you want to do.

    Gravity Forms itself only creates entries and posts, it does not have built in functionality to edit posts. So this is the functionality that you'd have to create and is functionality that the Directory Add-On is also supposed to offer.

    In order to edit posts you'd need to create the logic necessary to know if the user should be allowed to edit the post, and then you would need to both dynamically populate the form to edit the post with the existing values of the post, and then when the form is submitted you need to implement a customization so that rather than creating a new post it updates an existing post.

    When Gravity Forms creates a post it stores form related data with the post automatically as post meta. It stores the form id of the form used to create the post as a custom field with the name _gform-form-id and it also stores the entry id of it's corresponding entry as a custom field with the name _gform-entry-id.

    So from that data you would know which form was used to create the post and therefore know which form would then need to be used to edit the post, because you'd want to use the same form since it's got the fields necessary for this functionality.

    Posted 4 years ago on Thursday February 9, 2012 | Permalink
  3. Thanks Carl!
    "Uh-huh, uh-huh. Okay. Um Can you repeat the part of the stuff where you said all about uuhhh, things?"

    JK. Your note makes sense. Unfortunately, it appears now that creating this functionality might be over my head. I can read, interpret and revise code easier than I can start from scratch.

    Maybe I oughtta just look over the code from the Directory Add-on and see if I can simplify and debug.

    Any further thoughts out there in Forum-land is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks again!

    Posted 4 years ago on Thursday February 9, 2012 | Permalink
  4. lcooper1784

    Just thought I'd share this...

    I've been trying to figure out how to do the same thing, and today I stumbled across a fantastic plugin: WP User Frontend. It allows users to create and edit posts from the site frontend. While this plugin does include its own form through which users create their posts, I am going to try to figure out how to use a gravity form for this function. I'll probably be getting in touch with priority support here pretty soon, lol. But definitely check out that plugin. I have no complaints thus far (and it's free!)

    Posted 4 years ago on Saturday March 10, 2012 | Permalink
  5. Where Is This "Directory Add On" that everyone keeps speaking of? I do not have it. I cannot find it. I have a developer's license, yet I cannot view this add-on? Can someone point me in the right direction please. Thanks in advance.

    Posted 4 years ago on Thursday March 15, 2012 | Permalink
  6. Just an FYI...I just spent about 30 minutes messing with the WP User Front End generates custom fields with "cf_" in front of them, so it seems that we cannot use existing custom fields on the forms like "thumbnail", "featured", etc. So that route is toast without heavy modification.


    Posted 4 years ago on Thursday March 15, 2012 | Permalink
  7. cbrady

    I am interested in this topic as well. Any updates?

    I have tried The Directory Add On as well and found that it did not work as described. (

    Posted 4 years ago on Friday April 20, 2012 | Permalink
  8. David Peralty

    The Directory Add On is not a rocketgenius product and as such, we can't support it. Adding that kind of custom functionality is something you would have to post as a job in the Job Board.

    Posted 4 years ago on Friday April 20, 2012 | Permalink

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