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Gravity Forms Released

Gravity Forms v1.3.13.1 has been released via automatic upgrade. This is an important release that fixes several bugs that were introduced in the 1.3.13 version released last week. We highly recommend you always run the latest version of the plugin.

  • Fixed issue with conditional logic on legacy form configurations
  • Fixed issue with conditional logic on image buttons
  • Cleaned up deprecated message on form import
  • Fixed issue with getting next field id on a form that has been imported
  • Fixed issue with notification {all_fields} variable adding a random exclamation point (!) character on emails

You can upgrade to the latest version of Gravity Forms using Automatic Upgrade or by downloading the latest version of the plugin from the Downloads page.

Please Note: Automatic Upgrade will only work if you have entered your Support License Key in the Settings page of Gravity Forms in your WordPress Administration Panel.

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