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Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On v1.0 Beta 1 Released

One of the most requested add-ons, PayPal integration, is finally here. We are pleased to announce the Beta 1 test release of the Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On with full PayPal IPN integration. Gravity Forms and PayPal make collecting payments simple and easy.

With the PayPal Add-On you can do more than just collect data, you can quickly integrate any form with your PayPal account to create powerful order forms. If you are familiar with the MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and FreshBooks Add-Ons you should have no problems getting started with the PayPal Add-On.

The Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On requires forms use the Pricing Fields in Gravity Forms v1.5+ and will not work with older versions of Gravity Forms. Get complete details on the Gravity Forms v1.5 beta release here.

Here are some of the features of the PayPal Add-On:

  • Single Product and Multi-Product Sales - Sell single products or services using the Gravity Forms Pricing Fields.
  • Recurring or Subscription Sales - Setup recurring payments and subscriptions using the Gravity Forms Pricing Fields.
  • Donations - Accept donations using the Gravity Forms Pricing Fields.
  • Payment Notifications - IPN integration means PayPal updates the entry with the current payment status and keeps your entry data in synch.
  • Pay To Post - If your form is used to create a post, you can set it so that the post is only created after payment is received. If payment is a subscription, you can also choose to update that post with a new post status or delete the post if the subscription is canceled.


Don't own a Gravity Forms Developer License? Purchase one now!

You may download the PayPal Add-On here, and read the documentation here.

12 Responses to "Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On v1.0 Beta 1 Released"
  1. barthook says:

    I am psyched about this add-on. Can't wait to implement it!


  2. [...] Here's a quick preview of a multi-page form built in the new Gravity Forms v.1.5. The beta version is now available to developer license holders, and the general release should be coming along after a little more fine tuning and QA work. Stay tuned for goodies like the multi-page forms, textarea counters, pre-built CSS styles for advanced formatting, field calculations and of course, the companion PayPal add-on. [...]

  3. RichardBest says:

    Super awesome. Thank you.

  4. karateusa says:

    Why are add-ons not available for purchase for people without a developers license?

  5. Add-ons will be available for individual purchase after the 1.5 release in a couple of weeks.

  6. jbruce says:

    Thank you!!!! I'll be checking this out right now.

  7. Fiquei muito entusiasmado com a notícia. Parabéns a todos pela iniciativa agregadora!

  8. brianfidler says:

    This is great. I'm such a schmuck though, I've spent hundreds of $ getting a working system that does the same thing and the site is going live today or tomorrow.

    nice timing! 🙂

    it may just be the web dev gods laughing at me.

  9. justcharlie says:

    Awesome. I would be totally excited about it this if it didn't cost $200.

    Looking forward to the option to purchase this as a standalone plugin in a few weeks.

  10. Just to be clear, the add-on doesn't cost $200. It's available as a free download for developer license holders at the moment as are all the other add-ons.

    We'll release individual add-on pricing information when we're closer to releasing the full 1.5 release of Gravity Forms.

  11. zacchaeusn7 says:

    GF Gurus~
    I use PHPurchase on one of my client's sites. Will the new GF's PayPal add-on essentially make integration between GF and PHPurchase usless?

    What is the relationship between Gravity Forms and PHPurchase exactly?


  12. Carl Hancock says:

    The Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On doesn't render the PHPurchase integration useless.

    PHPurchase is a shopping cart, so it allows you to integrate Gravity Forms with a complete shopping cart. The Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On is NOT a shopping cart. It is intended to be used for single page order forms, there is no add to cart functionality. So if you simply need an order form (which may have products and options for those products) then the PayPal Add-On would work fine, if you need shopping cart functionality... PHPurchase would be better.

    There is no business ties between Gravity Forms and the developers of PHPurchase. The developer of PHPurchase liked Gravity Forms and saw an opportunity to provide his users with an easy way to leverage Gravity Forms with PHPurchase so he created the integration on the PHPurchase side of things.