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Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On v1.0 Beta 6 Released

Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On v1.0 Beta 6 has been released. We are nearing the final release v1.0 of this exciting new Add-On. This release fixes issues related to PayPal IPN handling. Thank you for the bug reports and beta testing, keep the reports coming in on the support forum. We are very close to the official release.

The Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On requires forms use the Pricing Fields in Gravity Forms v1.5+ and will not work with older versions of Gravity Forms. Get complete details on the Gravity Forms v1.5 beta release here.

Here is a look at what is new in the Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On v1.0 Beta 2:

  • Fixed issue with thank you page displaying "Oops, could not locate your form" message when coming back from Paypal.
  • Fixed issue with IPN not locating entry.

Here are some of the features of the PayPal Add-On:

  • Single Product and Multi-Product Sales - Sell single products or services using the Gravity Forms Pricing Fields.
  • Recurring or Subscription Sales - Setup recurring payments and subscriptions using the Gravity Forms Pricing Fields.
  • Donations - Accept donations using the Gravity Forms Pricing Fields.
  • Payment Notifications - IPN integration means PayPal updates the entry with the current payment status and keeps your entry data in synch.
  • Pay To Post - If your form is used to create a post, you can set it so that the post is only created after payment is received. If payment is a subscription, you can also choose to update that post with a new post status or delete the post if the subscription is canceled.


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You may download the PayPal Add-On here, and read the documentation here.

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