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Gravity Forms PayPal Payments Standard Add-On v1.10 Released

Gravity Forms PayPal Payments Standard Add-On v1.10 is now available via automatic update and the Add-On downloads page. This is a maintenance release that includes recommended changes by PayPal as well as a new hook for developers to easier interact with PayPal's IPN.

Why v1.10 and not v2.0? We are holding off on incrementing all Add-On updates to v2.0+ until they have been fully converted over to using the Gravity Forms Add-On Framework. This change will be coming soon to the PayPal Payments Standard Add-On. However, don't let that stop you from updating now. We always recommend users update WordPress and plugins when updates are available.

Note: The PayPal Payments Standard Add-On is only available to Gravity Forms Developer license customers.

Gravity Forms PayPal Payments Standard Add-On v1.10

  • Updated the number of recurring times maximum from 30 to 52 per PayPal documentation.
  • Added new hook: 'gform_paypal_ipn_{transaction_type}'; allows users to easily hook into the specific IPN transactions they need.
  • Fixed issue where floating point comparision was failing in GFPayPal::is_valid_initial_payment_amount().
  • Fixed issue with notifications not being sent when setting "only show notifications when payment is received" is enabled and payment is $0.00.
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System Requirements

The Gravity Forms PayPal Sandard Add-On requires Gravity Forms v1.6.12+ and WordPress v3.5+.

How To Get It

You may download the PayPal Payments Standard Add-On via the Add-On manager in Gravity Forms or via the Add-On download page, and read the documentation here.

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