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Gravity Forms v1.4 Beta 2 Released

Gravity Forms v1.4 Beta 2 is ready to go. We have fixed a handful of bugs associated with the first beta release, and even added a few new features to an already feature packed release! Keep the beta feedback and bug reports coming and help us make Gravity Forms the best forms plugin available for WordPress!

Please provide beta feedback and bug reports on the Support Forum and make it clear you are referring to the 1.4 Beta 2 release when doing so. Thanks!

Here is a look at what is new in Gravity Forms v1.4 Beta 2:

  • Single Line Text Enhancements: We have added two new features to the Single Line Text input field. A Maxlength and a Password option input option have been added to allow you to set the input type as a Password field.
  • Spam Honeypot: A new option is available under the Advanced tab of the Form Settings to enable a Spam Honeypot. This will enable a hidden field that exists to try and fool spam bots into entering data in the field. Any data entered in the field will trigger the entry not to be stored and help curb spam from automated bots. We have additional spam related features planned for future releases, including Akismet integration. So keep watching!
  • Added the Gravity Forms version to script output to help combat Javascript caching in the admin.
  • Renamed the Gravity Forms widget from "Gravity Forms" to "Form" to keep things simple and client friendly.
  • Enabled jQuery enqueue when displaying forms via AJAX
  • Added "Disable default margin" property to HTML Block field

Here is a look at what is new in Gravity Forms v1.4:

  • Post Content Template: Need to insert an image into the Post Body? Want control over the Post Body content that is created by a form? Now you can. The Post Content Template gives you complete control over the Post Body that is created by a form. It allows you to easily insert form field values (including images) into the Post Body that is created. This allows you to easily implement custom fields and post images without editing your theme files directly. This option is available as a field option on the Post Title and Post Body fields.
  • Value/Label Control: We have enhanced the checkbox, drop down and multiple choice radio button fields to allow you to have complete control over both the Value and the Label of selection fields. Now you can present one option while storing a shortened value, you have complete control over the options. This is an option on the drop down, checkbox and multiple choice fields.
  • AJAX: Now you have the option to have a form submit via AJAX. This allows you to embed a form and have form submissions function without requiring a page reload, data is submitted and instantly handled via AJAX. This option is available when inserting a form via shortcode or function call.
  • Widget: A lot of users were wondering why we never included a widget with Gravity Forms, well now we have! Using the Gravity Forms Widget you can easily display a form in any sidebar location. Keep in mind the styling of the form itself may require customizations depending on how your theme styles sidebar widgets.
  • Really Simple Captcha: Want an alternative to the reCAPTCHA field? Gravity Forms now supports the Really Simple Captcha plugin. Simply install and activate the Really Simple Captcha plugin and 2 new Captcha options will appear on the Captcha field. The 2 new options are a standard Captcha field and a Match Captcha field. Really Simple Captcha can be downloaded here.
  • Post Custom Field File Upload: We have added the File Upload an an available Field Type on the Post Custom Field. This allows you to populate a custom field using the full path to a file uploaded via a File Upload field. This can be used for downloads, images, etc. This option is available as a new Field Type on the Custom Field.
  • Post Tag Enhancements: The Post Tag field has been updated to allow you to implement drop down, checkboxes and multiple choice radio buttons as options for users selecting Tags. You pre-define the available Tags they can select from. This is a Field Type option on the Post Tag field.
  • Check For Updates: We have added a new "Updates" page to the Gravity Forms admin notification. This lets you quickly and easily check for plugin updates. If an update is available you will be able to download and install the update right from this page.
  • Address Field Enhancement: Along with adding the ability to hide the State/Province/Region field we have also added the ability to create your own! Using an API hook you can now create and customize the State/Province/Region field with your own values. Check the changelog file for details on how to use the API hook.
  • Automatically Create Forms: We have added the ability to automatically create forms in WordPress 3.0 Network (Multi-Site) mode. When a new site is created, Gravity Forms can automatically import forms into that new site using the standard Gravity Forms XML export file. You can pre-define the export file to import in your wp-config.php file by adding define("GF_IMPORT_FILE", "full/path/to/gf_import.xml");
    Along with the ability to create forms automatically in WordPress 3.0 Network mode, themes can now include a form export file and tell Gravity Forms to create a form(s) when the theme is activated. You can pre-define the export file to import in your themes function.php file by adding define("GF_THEME_IMPORT_FILE", "gf_import.xml");

We will be releasing v1.4 via automatic upgrade once it has undergone beta testing. Own Gravity Forms and want to give it a try and help us test? Grab a copy on the downloads page!

Don't own Gravity Forms yet? What are you waiting for?! Purchase a copy today!

2 Responses to "Gravity Forms v1.4 Beta 2 Released"
  1. begatt says:

    That seems to be it. I didn't realize I had selected it on the form option.

    It is new and it works, but it is kind of confusing, how it works. There seems to be no way to edit the field and it indicates it is to be left blank.

    Now that I have it off, everything seems to be working.

    Thank you.

  2. denverseo says:

    Can't wait for Ajax submission!