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Gravity Forms v1.5 Released

We are very pleased to announce the release of Gravity Forms v1.5! This release has been a longtime in development as it incorporates major changes to the plugin to accommodate all of the great new features we have added. From new features, to new hooks and filters, Gravity Forms v1.5 is packed with all sorts of goodies for our users to enjoy.

Along with the final release of Gravity Forms v1.5 comes the 1.0 releases of the PayPal Add-On and User Registration Add-On. Both of these advanced Add-Ons are now available to Developer License customers.

To top things off we have also launched a new web site. Take a look around, read about the new features and enjoy Gravity Forms v1.5!

Here is a look at what is new in Gravity Forms v1.5:

Multi-Page Forms

One of the most widely requested features is finally here, multi-page form capabilities. Using the new Page Break field you now have the ability split longer forms into multiple pages or steps. We have also integrated a visual paging status bar that can be used to show a progress bar or the steps involved in completing the form.

Pricing Fields

Pricing Fields allow you to create quotes and order forms. It features integrated pricing calculations and is compatible with the Gravity Forms PayPal Add-On. Pricing Fields consist of a Product Field, Option Field, Quantity Field, Shipping Field, Donation Field and Total Field. They allow you to easily turn your form into an order form and collect payments when combined with the PayPal Add-On.

Textarea Character Counter

Easily limit the number of characters entered into a textarea and include a visual character counter that lets them know how many characters are allowed and how many characters have been entered.

CSS Ready Classes

Easily create multi-column layouts using built in CSS classes. These keywords are custom CSS classes you add to the CSS Class Name option under the Advanced tab for each field. Using our pre-defined CSS class names you can easily create 2 or 3 column forms, display radio button and checkbox options in 2, 3 or 4 columns as well as turn a Section Break into a scrolling text field. Get complete details on the available Ready Classes here.

Default Notification

Gravity Forms will now automatically setup an Admin Notification that uses the WordPress Admin email as the Send To and includes all submitted form fields when a new form is created.

Post Field Enhancements

We have enhanced the content template capabilities of the Post Fields and extended them to the Post Custom Field. Now you can use the content template capabilities on the Post Title, Post Body and Post Custom Fields in the form builder. The Post Category field has been enhanced to allow for an initial placeholder value (ex. "Please Select a Category") and now supports Admin Only visibility to allow you to set a default category using the Post Category field.

Checkbox and Multiple Choice (Radio Button) HTML Support

The Checkbox and Multiple Choice (Radio Button) fields now support HTML in the option labels. This allows you to include links or use images as your options.

Shortcode Support

Love using Shortcodes? Need to insert custom code into the Email Notification, Confirmation Text or HTML Field content? Gravity Forms now supports utilizing Shortcodes in the Email Notification Message Body, Confirmation Text and within the content of an HTML Field.

Enhanced Bulk Edit Functionality

You can now reset views, or delete entries from the Edit Forms screen using enhanced options added to the Bulk Edit functionality.

New Hooks and Filters

We have added a variety of new hooks and filters, all of which are documented (with examples) in the brand new Documentation area of the support site.

Upgrade and Renewals

Now you can Upgrade or Renew your Gravity Forms License Key right from your WordPress Dashboard! Visit either the Settings page or the Update page. If an Upgrade is available, or you are within the Renewal period, you will be presented with options to purchase the Upgrade or Renewal.

Support For New Add-Ons

Gravity Forms v1.5 supports the introduction of the PayPal Add-On and User Registration Add-On which are now available for Developer License customers.

You can upgrade to the latest version of Gravity Forms using Automatic Upgrade or by downloading the latest version of the plugin from the Downloads page.

Please Note: Automatic Upgrade will only work if you have entered your Support License Key in the Settings page of Gravity Forms in your WordPress Administration Panel.

Don't own Gravity Forms yet? What are you waiting for?! Purchase a copy today!

18 Responses to "Gravity Forms v1.5 Released"
  1. Fred Romano says:

    Your new website looks GREAT!

  2. Vegas Kev says:

    Thanks for the official release. I've been using the beta and it has been awesome. Anyone who passes this plugin up doesn't fully understand the value, or they are afraid because of the low price. If anyone has a question about it's awesomeness, PM me on the forums and I'll gladly tell you how awesome it is!!!!

  3. semrocc says:

    Awesome...been waiting for this!

    I've been trying to get the update through WP admin, but doesn't show the latest version, says I'm up to date, but I'm not.

    Any thoughts..?

  4. Carl Hancock says:

    Update information is cached by both WordPress and our update server. So updates may not be reflected immediately. This is to prevent a mad rush of sites downloading updates and limit load on our server. Give it some time and if you don't see an update appear within the next 24 hours or so, let us know. Also try going to the "Updates" page under "Forms" (Forms > Updates) and see if that reflects an update or not. Sometimes that will force it to check, depends on your WordPress settings.

  5. bmex63 says:

    Congrats Gravity Forms team. The new site design looks great! Version 1.5 is a big release. Looking forward to trying out the new integrated multi-page feature. Cheers!

  6. Carl Hancock says:

    Thanks! We put a lot of work into this release and the new site... take a peak at the changelog.txt if you really want to see just went into the new release. It took longer than expected but was worth it!

  7. marcopako says:

    Congratulations to the Gravity Team!
    Keep up the amazing work! 🙂

  8. Kristof says:

    Support for shortcodes is something I've been needing for a long time - thank you. I love your product.

  9. STB says:

    Thank you for all Carl and rest of you guys.

    I have been an utmost happy user of your plugin for about half a year now.

    I want to say I find your plugin to be worth every penny in itself.

    But even better, and what really makes me love you guys, is your dedication and your help in the support area when I needed it.

    Just had a look at the new developer documentation. That is just great.
    Gravity forms does do all you want with just point and click 99% of the time.
    For those of use who want to make our own customizations, we can.
    Your new documentation helps with that.

    Thanks for all the honest hard work. Congratz on the new release and the new site.

    No im not affiliated, I dont have stocks, just a happy user, who really appreciates all the dedication you guys put into it.


  10. Great update to an already great plugin. Really appreciate the quality work and the focus that this plugin offers!

  11. semrocc says:

    Thanks Carl...the update is now there...I'm like a 6-year-old waiting for Christmas morning...just couldn't wait 😉

    I like the new feel of the site...very easy to read without clutter...congrats!

  12. Congratulations on the new website and 1.5 version release. This is the best WordPresss forms solution in the market. I'm excited HTML can be used now in the options along with other features. Thanks very much!

  13. jhayes4 says:

    Yes, huge thumbs up for Gravity Forms and 1.5! A truly indispensable plug-in that has great support and is updated often with new features. The best plug-in i've ever bought, period.

  14. helloari says:

    KUDOS. Looks like some amazing new features and i'm really excited to try them out.

  15. Great job on the new website... much easier to find stuff, and lovin the color palette. Also, very excited about using 1.5! My biggest request for the next release is a button that duplicates form fields, like the button that duplicates an entire form. That would save a lot of time in some instances.

    I'm in love with Gravity!

  16. davidpg says:

    Great work GF Team!

    My huge client is very happy with your forms and even more so when I introduce all of these new goodies.


  17. Been using the beta on two new sites I'm working on where the multi-page function was just what I needed (and some of the other fancy new stuff). Pleased to see the official release. This is a fantastic plugin - like some of the other contributors I'm stating no commercial interest in rocketgenius, it's just an amazing product especially for the low price. Over the 7 or 8 months I've been using it, it's just got better. The new release is a massive step forward. Thanks all.

  18. mobitinker says:

    Hurray! The new developer docs look GREAT, and I am very grateful. I hope they reduce the amount you have to direct people to the same forum posts over and over 🙂

    Thanks again! Our site couldn't work without you!