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Gravity Forms v1.6.4 Released

Gravity Forms v1.6.4 is now available via automatic update. This is an exciting release as it introduces one of the most highly requested features yet to be implemented: field calculations. The ability to perform calculations has been added to both the Number Field and the Product Field.

The second major feature of this release is another highly requested feature, the ability to perform conditional logic within email notification messages, form confirmations and content template through the use of a new shortcode.

So not only are we bringing you one of the most highly requested features, we are bringing you two of the most highly requested features in this release!

Field Calculations

Calculation capabilities have been added to both the Number Field and the Product Field. This new functionality allows you to dynamically generate the value of a Number Field or the price of a Product Field based on a custom calculation using a formula you control.

This is a powerful new feature that gives you more control over how the value of a Number Field or Product pricing is calculated. It can be used in a variety of creative ways without the need to write custom PHP or implement custom jQuery. It's built right in and anybody can put it to use by using the built in user interface for building the formula that determines the calculation that will be performed.

The calculation formula builder allows you to customize the formula that is used to perform the calculation using available form merge tags. The calculation will then be performed automatically as users fill out your form and will again be executed when the form is submitted to ensure accuracy.

The Calculation functionality has been added to the following fields:

  • Number Field You can enable calculations on the Number Field so that the value of the Number Field is determined by calculation using the formula you configure.
  • Product Field A new Field Type has been added to the Product Field called Calculation. When a Product Field is configured as a Calculation it behaves like a Single Product field, however the Price is determined by calculation using the formula you configure.

Conditional Shortcode

Using the new conditional shortcode you can now perform conditional logic in the message content of your Admin and User Notification emails as well as the Confirmation Message that is displayed when a form is submitted.

This shortcode allows you to control the content of the email that is sent as well as the content of the confirmation message that is displayed when a form is submitted based on selections a user makes when submitting the form.

It's easy to use, simply wrap the content you wish to display conditionally in the conditional shortcode and configure the shortcode settings. Conditional logic will then be performed to determine if that content should be displayed when the email notification is sent or the confirmation message is displayed.

The Conditional Shortcode functionality can be used in the following locations:

  • Admin Notification Message Use the conditional shortcode to conditionally output content within the admin notification message based on input and selections made by the user submitting the form.
  • User Notification Message Use the conditional shortcode to conditionally output content within the user notification message based on input and selections made by the user submitting the form.
  • Confirmation Message Text Use the conditional shortcode to conditionally output content within the confirmation message text displayed when the form is submitted.
  • Content Templates Use the conditional short code to conditionally output content within the content template option on Post Fields that support content templates.

Documentation for the new conditional shortcode is available here

Admin Notification Routing Enhancement

The Routing option for the Admin Notifications has been updated to support the enhanced conditional logic functionality introduced in Gravity Forms v1.6.3. You can now configure routing to use a variety of field types and enhanced conditions such as greater than, less than, contains, starts with, and ends with when performing a conditional statement.

Product Field Merge Tag Enhancements

We have enhanced the merge tag options for drop down and radio button Product Fields to support returning the quantity of that field. The quantity can be returned by appending :qty to the merge tag used for that field. For example: {My Product Field:1:qty} would return the quantity selected.

We have also enhanced the merge tag for the Total Field to support returning only the numeric value of the total. Previously the Total Field merge tag would always output the total price formatted as currency. Now you can append :price to the merge tag and it will return just the numeric value of the Total. For example: If the total is $10.50, the merge tag {Total:1:price} would return 10.50 instead of $10.50. This is useful for developers integrating with 3rd parties.

Other Fixes and Enhancements

  • Added support for calculations in Number field.
  • Added new Calculation product field type.
  • Added short code to enable conditionals in notification message, confirmation message and content templates.
  • Added new choices for conditional routing to administrator notifications (greater than, less than, contains, starts with, ends with).
  • Added step='any' attribute to number inputs when HTML5 is enabled.
  • Added id attribute to anchor.
  • Added new entry information fields to the entry export field list.
  • Added hook to allow users to specify the page size on the entry list page.
  • Added support for showing lead on entry detail when LID or POS are passed. Always third parties to link directly to leads.
  • Added support for {Product Name:1:qty} merge tag to allow the quantity of product fields to be returned via a merge tag.
  • Added filter to allow changes to the recaptcha init screen.
  • Added support for {Total:1:price} merge tag to allow total to be formatted numerically.
  • Updated conditional logic and merge tag drop downs so that a width is specified instead of truncating the value.
  • Updated inline js so that it is now "enqueued" and consolidated into a single script block tied to the 'gform_post_render' event.
  • Updated notification wysiwyg styles in admin.
  • Updated the form editor so that the max characters option on single input field is hidden when input mask is enabled.
  • Updated checkbox field so that it can be pre-populated using an array in addition to a comma separated list.
  • Fixed issue of no results displayed when viewing a form that has a paged entry list and switching to a form that does not.
  • Fixed issue with {all_fields} merge tag when using post category fields as target of conditional logic.
  • Fixed notice for $read_only variable.
  • Fixed notice for postStatus.
  • Fixed issue with form editor not allowing users to uncheck the "Set as Post Image" checkbox.
  • Fixed issue where errors would be displayed when a "starts with" conditional logic was configured without the actual "starts with" value.
  • Fixed issue with quantity field being recorded as . when a value is not entered.
  • Fixed issue with a "Select Format" option appearing in the quantity field's number format option for newly created fields.
  • Fixed admin display issue with the bulk-add modal panel in Chrome.
  • Fixed warnings when nl2br used on array.
  • Fixed issue on notification merge tag drop down wrapping to next line when field labels were long.
  • Fixed issue with hidden product not taking quantity into account when calculating total.
  • Fixed issue with hidden product field preventing quantity from being populated dynamically.
  • Fixed issue with entry detail page not loading the entry that was clicked on entry list page.
  • Fixed issue with the WordPress HTTPS plugin integration.
  • Fixed javascript error on AJAX forms with credit card field.
  • Fixed issue with notification failing when a comma separated list of emails was entered with spaces in between emails.
  • Fixed quantity validation so that it does not allow decimals.
  • Fixed issue with chosen script not being enqueued properly when form had conditional logic.
  • Fixed validation issue with quantity field that didn't honor the min/max setting.

Please note that documentation for some of these new items is still in progress.

You can update to the latest version of Gravity Forms using Automatic Update. Just visit the Updates page under the Forms navigation in your WordPress Dashboard. Update deployment is staged so if you do not see the update available, try again in a few hours. You can also download the latest version of the plugin from the Downloads page.

Please Note: Automatic Update will only work if you have correctly entered your License Key in the Settings page of Gravity Forms in your WordPress Dashboard.
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3 Responses to "Gravity Forms v1.6.4 Released"
  1. mark jones says:


    Great upgrade, thanks for all your work on this, very much needed.


  2. chinoh says:

    Just updated to this version and my form is no longer displaying. Please help!
    WP ver: 3.3.1
    GF ver: 1.6.4

  3. Heck4 says:

    I just installed v1.6.4 last night. For whatever reason my form is no longer visible on the page. I did not edit the form. When I look at the rendered html, all the expected elements are still there, however the main has an element style which hides the div: style="display:none". Here is the html:

    ... Not shown ...

    Any ideas on how to get this back besides downgrading?