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Gravity Forms v1.8 Beta 3 Released

Gravity Forms v1.8 Beta 3 is now available for download and testing. Beta 3 features changes to core Gravity Forms functionality, the Add-On Framework and the API and also prepares Gravity Forms for the imminent release of WordPress v3.8.

WordPress v3.8 will introduce an overhaul to the UI of the WordPress Dashboard and we have begun to introduce style changes to Gravity Forms so that it will fit right in with the new UI enhancements within the rest of WordPress. We will continue to make WordPress v3.8 related UI refinements up until the final public release of Gravity Forms 1.8.

You can get complete details on all of the great new features and enhancements by reading the Gravity Forms v1.8 Beta 1 release announcement

Please report any bugs or issues you may encounter to our support team and make it clear it is in reference to the Gravity Forms v1.8 Beta 2 release when doing so.

If you are currently using the Beta 1 or Beta 2 releases, you will need to manually update your install in order to install Beta 3. We highly recommend all beta testers do so.

We will be releasing v1.8 via automatic upgrade once it has undergone beta testing to our satisfaction. Own Gravity Forms and want to take it for a spin and help us test out the new features? Grab a copy on the downloads page!

Please Note: This is a beta release and as such you should use at your own risk. We are still actively working on UI enhancements and refinements for the final public release. Gravity Forms 1.8 requires WordPress 3.7+.

Documentation for the features and functionality in Gravity Forms v1.8 is still in progress. The Gravity Forms documentation as a whole is being completely overhauled and will launch with the final release of Gravity Forms v1.8. Please be patient as we completely overhaul our documentation from the ground up. However, documentation does exist for the new Add-On Framework as well as the new API.

Below is a complete list of the additions, revisions and fixes in Gravity Forms v1.8 Beta 3....

Gravity Forms

  • Added gformGetProductQuantity() JS function for getting current quantity of an item; extracted from gformCalculateProductPrice().
  • Added GFFormDisplay::is_last_page() method as an easier method for determining if the last page of the form is being submitted.
  • Added support for GF_DEBUG constant on AJAX iframe to more easily allow viewing the contents of the iframe when debugging AJAX forms.
  • Added GFFormsModel::get_form_ids().
  • Updated GFFormDisplay::register_form_init_scripts() function to include 'is_ajax' parameter.
  • Updated 'gform_register_init_scripts' action to pass 'is_ajax' parameter.
  • Updated gravityforms_addon_browser capability to be gravityforms_view_addons since that is the one actually in use.
  • Updated GFFormsModel::get_entry_meta() to support an array of form IDs and all form IDs (zero).
  • Updated how GFFormsModel::prepare_value() handled credit card fields, allowing default formatting to be overwritten for the last credit card number.
  • Fixed issue where function setup_site had been changed to setup_database but code not updated; caused fatal error to be thrown.
  • Fixed entry sorting by entry meta.
  • Fixed multi-file merge tag output.

Gravity Forms Add-On Framework

  • Added caching for feed addon's get_feeds() method.
  • Added support for 'validation_callback' and 'dependency' properties for Field Map child fields.
  • Added base class for Payment Add-ons.
  • Updated payment add-on to only run authorize() method on the last page.
  • Updated the results of fields without choices to display latest non-empty values instead of all values.
  • Updated billing cycle strings to be translatable.

Gravity Forms API

  • Removed html, page and section fields from update_entry() and add_entry().
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2 Responses to "Gravity Forms v1.8 Beta 3 Released"
  1. mahomedalid says:

    Hi, we have custom code (hack) for add-on. Every time we install a new gravity forms version we need to patch it. We think, our code could be useful for more people, do you know who can I contact to in order to integrate our hack on main Gravity code?

  2. Carl Hancock says:

    Certainly. You can contact me directly at carl at rocketgenius dot com and provide me with as much detail as possible and we can discuss it.