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Gravity Forms Version 1.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Gravity Forms v1.1! New fields, new user interface enhancements and new capabilities are just part of what makes Gravity forms the best form builder plugin available for WordPress. We are excited to introduce the new Post Image and Post Category fields to round out our Post capabilities. Now users can upload images and select categories when submitting a form that creates a post.

If you already own Gravity Forms, upgrade using the Automatic Upgrade functionality or via the new Downloads page. Don't own Gravity Forms? Get It Today!

Important Update: We have released an even newer version of Gravity Forms as Version 1.1.1 which patches an issue with the new entry detail page. We apologize for not catching this before the v1.1 release but did not want to release it.

Here is a rundown of what is new, enhanced, or fixed in this brand new release:

What's New

  • New Post Image Field
  • New Post Category Field
  • Entry Detail UI Improvements
  • Query String Builder For Passing Data To Confirmation URL
  • Implemented "Select All" functionality in the export page
  • New hooks and filters

What's Fixed

  • Friendly error message when the media upload folder is not writable
  • Disabled form view counting when form is viewed by an administrator
  • Fixed issue with submitting a Post Image field from the front-end
  • Fixed issue with file upload validation when extension list had spaces
  • Removed pluggable.php include
  • Corrected issue with date localization
  • Corrected HTML validation errors
  • Displaying a user friendly message when trying to load an invalid form
  • Fixed issue with file upload not correctly validating against allowed file types
  • Fixed issue with checkboxes displaying wrong values on the admin screen when options change
  • Reading email character set from WordPress configuration
  • Fixed JSON conflict
  • Fixed issue with localization where the language file was only being loaded in the admin side and not in the front end form
  • Fixed issue with entry grid displaying multiple rows for the same entry
  • Fixed issue with the file upload field not being correctly inserted in the notification and confirmation messages
  • Fixed error in the uninstall function (when the upload folder did not exist)

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